About Unirgy

Our story

Unirgy was founded by Boris Gurvich, one of the original technical architects of Magento in 2010. Over the years we’ve grown along with Magento and became the most trusted and well-respected provider of multivendor and data solutions for the platform.

Core values

One of the cornerstones of Unirgy’s continued success is our philosophy to never cut corners. We never sacrifice quality. We are always laser focused on customer needs, success and satisfaction. We love what we do and we deliver amazing result.

Our process

We listen to our customers and our engineering and product teams are constantly iterating upon every feature and function of our stack. Unirgy solutions are always improving and evolving to ensure our client’s continued success and competitive advantage.

Global reach

We are based out of NYC with offices and solution partners and system integrators located in 30+ countries throughout the world. We help power thousands of online retailers in 60+ countries and across nearly every industry, giving us a wealth of localized and industry specific expertise



Felix Machlis

Felix is one of the top world experts in the multivendor marketplace, drop-shipping and multi-seller fulfillment solutions. As a Head of Product and Growth he helped the company scale and has been instrumental in continued success of the company.


Boris Gurvich

Boris was one of the founding technical architects of Magento. He is one of the most respected members of the original core team and overall Magento developer community.

Unirgy is headquartered in New York City, with offices and partners on 6 continents

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